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When it comes to food, beverages, ice cream, and specialty shops there is nothing like a Gelato shop. "Coffee with gelato" is one of the most popular terms used today to describe this type of store. We are a small family of passionate enthusiasts and gourmet lovers of this Italian treat.

Gelato has been around for centuries. It has also been called a sorbet, but the word "gelato" is thought to come from the French word "gailotte." In the old days it was a drink to be taken as soon as possible after breakfast, lunch, or dinner. People would take the fruit and melt it down to make a hot beverage. The name "Gelato" means "white chocolate." Today this drink is known all over the world as "coffee with gelato"Coffee with coffee." Chef Giacomauro d'Angelo and his staff welcome you to try their delicious creations.

When you walk into a Giacomelli Gizzeria you will notice that they do not use ice cream on their items, they use Gelato instead. Many times you can find this on the menu or when they are making the items, but the gelato is usually made fresh to order. Each Gelato shop will serve different types of these delicious treats. Some will serve coffee with it, some may serve sorbet.

If you go to the shop that specializes in this type of dessert you will find that the gelato is not the traditional scoopable kind that most people associate with the gi and coffee. Instead the gelato is served in a small cup that you just put in your hand. They pour it out onto a platter, which you place in front of you.

Some of the more upscale shops will have an ice cream machine on site so that you can place the relate directly on top of the coffee or coffee and enjoy a refreshing shake. Many coffee shops will also offer a variety of drinks and iced tea with the gelato so that you can top it off with a cup of tea.

No matter what your taste you should definitely stop by a Giaccone Gizzeria so you can try a delicious drink that you can enjoy. No matter what it is that you are looking for you will find it here at a Giacone Gizzeria.

To experience the real goodness of this delightful dessert you need to visit a Giacomelli Gizzeria where they serve this kind of dessert everyday to their customers. The gi and coffee combination is becoming very popular all over the country and the Giacomelli Gizzeria is one of the places you can go to if you want to experience this wonderful drink that is so easy to make and tastes so amazing.

You should also be able to try the gelato at the Giacomelli Gizzeria if you happen to like what you taste at home. This Italian gourmet shop offers free tasting so that you can try the gelato that they are serving to their customers. If they don't offer this, it is always possible to ask them to send you a sample to try so that you can make your own taste buds happy with this special gi and coffee concoction.

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